Bandai 122721 - Enterprise NX-01

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Made, photographed and reviewed by Howard Johnson

Unfortunately, this model is no longer available from Bandai, with limited availability at Models2U, but the comments may apply to other similar models.
The BANDAI 1:850 scale model of the Enterprise NX-01 is an absolute MUST have for any Star Trek fans and space junkies too. I have had my eye on this model for some time, and the reason for purchase is two-fold. Firstly it is a fantastic pre-painted kit, and secondly, I wanted to get the design and positioning of the lighting ready for when I start the Polar Lights version, which is a 1:350 scale kit.

First impressions of the care taken to package the parts and the detail in the manual leave you in no doubt; this is a well designed and manufactured kit. No glue is required, but please do invest in a very sharp knife for the cutting of the parts from the sprues, it deserves it. Only other tool needed is a cross-head screwdriver.

The instructions are clear and concise. Some of the parts are very small, so be warned, don’t drop them or you will be on hands and knees for a long time. The kit comprises of the basic shell of the Enterprise, and electrical connections and LED modules which need to be clipped into place on the twin booms, and into the saucer section. Ready coloured clear plastic parts are then positioned inside the saucer section, add the desired colours to the assembled kit. You will require three AA batteries, as the stand is also the battery base, and electrical connection on the stand made once the saucer section is connected to it. With the lights off, the effect is dramatic.

The attention to detail in the paint scheme is tremendous; it just has to be seen to be believed.

It is not a difficult or time consuming kit to assemble; it took me no more than 2 hours from start to finish. I did not glue the parts, I dare not risk glue spreading from a joint and ruining the paint finish, and I imagine a spot of glue in the location holes could be used. But beware if you do, that the wiring and electrical connections you need to make first are tested and working.

At £50 for the kit, it is a little expensive when you see it on the website, but trust me; the money is worth the paint job alone. I will be buying the rest of the series, as they will look very impressive lined up to each other, especially in the dark.

Watch this space for the full report on the 1:350 scale version with LED assemblies added for effect.