Revell 04840 - Mir - Space Station

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Made, photographed and reviewed by Howard Johnson

Unfortunately, this model is no longer available from Revell.

A 1:144 kit from Revell, instructions and quality of plastic parts was very good. Indeed, with care, you could in fact build this kit without using glue, just clip it together. It would leave some gaps, but it is possible.

There is not a lot to say about this kit. The paint guide on the instructions is very frugal with the number of paints and colours required, yet a glance at the box will show that many more colours can be used. I decided to follow the box as a guide rather than the instructions, and used many different types of metallic paints. The scale of the model means that the 5X0 brushes don’t come out often, but a steady hand is required to touch-up the solar panels edges.

The model comes with a stand to support it when finished; I only used this during the construction process, relying on good old fishing wire to suspend the model when finished. There are only two decals, and these can be replaced by paint on the display stand if required. 

In conclusion, easy to build, and good quality. If you want to go to town on the paint job, then there is enough work there for many hours.