Revell 05010 - SSBN Andrew Jackson

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Made, photographed and reviewed by Howard Johnson

Unfortunately, this model is no longer available.
The Revell model of the SSBN Andrew Jackson, a nuclear powered submarine, for delivery of nuclear weapons is not the most difficult kit you will ever build, but labour intensive on the painting. Finally, a kit that shows the hard work and workings of a submarine.

To get the best of this kit you will need to buy some very fine 5x0 brushes, and have a steady hand. Following the instructions to the letter, can lead to some frustrating painting, airbrushing and repainting. I decided to prime all parts as usual, then spray the inside of the hull. Then before assembling the decks and interiors, join the two halves together using 'Blu-Tack'. I airbrushed the outer hull, using masking tape to obtain a clean line down the outside of the hull.

Once the grey upper had been sprayed and dried, I left the tape in position, and using Revell Colour Stop, a liquid rubber similar to 'Copydex', I painted this over the grey and along the line of the masking tape. Remove the masking tape and you have the red area clean and ready to spray. Once dry, remove the Colour Stop.

I followed the sequence of building and painted each deck. The kit comes with some figures to paint and place in position, but they were just too small for me to paint properly, so they were left out and the ship is now sat like a Marie Celeste, crewless! 

A steady hand is needed to finish the edging lines of the deck, and with only a few decals to apply, it wasn’t a stressful project to complete.

The hinged idea is good to keep the inside clean, and after a few coats of clear gloss varnish, the model finished a treat. 

In summary, not technically demanding, but paint and detail heavy. Well worth the effort however.