Revell 07236 - Sauber Petronas C22 F1 Car

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Made, photographed and reviewed by Howard Johnson

The Sauber Petronas kit (07236) kit from Revell, a 1:24 plastic kit is relatively easy model to construct with only 62 parts, however a few things are very tricky  and some others maybe need to be adapted slightly.

The instructions ask for parts to be decaled during construction, and not at the end as usual, and it is advisable to follow the instructions, as many of the decals are very very small, and lots a patience and a very steady hand are required to position them correctly. Also, once the decals are in place (and there are nearly one hundred of them, 6 for each wheel!!), the rest of the kit is constructed around it, so take time to ensure the decals are dry then varnish over to protect them. I also used a matt gloss to cover the whole model in order to form a skin over the model and thus ensuring the decals stay in position.

The Sauber requires a unique blue to “blended” and I used airbrush paints for this. In order to obtain the best colour match for the blue, I used a tin of Red Bull, one of Saubers sponsors. Unfortunately, the green which is required, was not a very good match, and it was only needed on the front spoiler and two rear spoilers. One point I would like to make here to Revell, instead of using percentages of each colour, why not use “ml” instead, as all pipettes are calibrated for ml measurement!

The tricky parts for this kit are the two spoilers, front and rear. There is only a small amount of locating tab for each spoiler, and you need to balance either three or two wings onto each side at any one time. The only deviation I made from the instructions was to put the wheels on last, in order to touch up all the difficult to reach parts.

One point about the wheel, unless you are really concerned that they should revolve, don’t bother. There is too much force required to push fit the wheels into place. I ended up filing the hub slightly o the wheel fitted and glued into place.

 Once painted the main decals were fitted, and this can take a few hours.

 Finally, two coats of matt varnish finished the kit off.