Revell 03114 - TPz 1 'Fuchs' A4

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Made, photographed and reviewed by Jim Matthews

Scale 1:72

This was the first military vehicle I had made for several years, being a favour for a friend. Normally my preference is for aircraft so I hadn't handled anything so small for some time.

The 1:72 Revell 'Fuchs' (Fox) A4 6x6 amphibious APC was an innocent looking creature from the box art, and only a level 3!

The illusion was quickly shattered starting with the suspension system. The designer of the model must have had some debt to settle with someone! The level of detail was surprising and most impressive.

The removal of the various suspension arms and beams etc from the sprue itself was a real challenge. The connections to the sprue were quite thick and when you are removing a piece with a thinner diameter than a pin, it was particularly tricky. A number of the pieces didn't make it off the sprue intact and had to be reproduced by carefully melting and stretching a spare piece of the sprue frame and cutting to the right length. For the less discerning modeller, it could be simplified by leaving out a lot of the fine parts from underneath as you don't often look underneath! 

The structure underneath paid off despite the eye-straining work (and cursing!) that went into it and it really is a good reproduction of the real Fuchs.

The rest of the superstructure went together well, albeit a little fiddly in places.

Apart from the tortuous work with the suspension, the only other minor issue experienced was with the instructions. In places it was not clear which optional pieces went onto which version of the Fuchs being made. The two standard options with the kit were a German Army or UN Ambulance version.

Decals were simple but good and even included the tyre pressures that were about the size of a pinhead but readable using a good magnifier.

In summary, this was an excellent model to make and a real challenge to get it right. It has quite whet my appetite to build the 1:35 version of the Fuchs!