Revell 07543 - Volvo FH-16 & Trailer 'Blue Rebel'

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Made, photographed and reviewed by Chris Anniwell

Unfortunately, this model is no longer available, but the comments may apply to other similar models.

After my first success with the Peterbilt Wrecker (07541) I wanted another challenge, something big.

The ‘Blue Rebel’ is a Volvo FH16, not the sort of truck I normally like, but with the trailer it looked worth a go.

This model was a bit more complex than the American trucks I normally build, but with a couple of reads of the instruction I was off.

The instructions were clear and easy to use, as I had expected them to be, everything clearly laid out and numbered with the paint code for each part.

I spent probably 2 hours of an evening during the week on this one, deciding how far I would go that night, which seemed to work well.

The engine on the Volvo was a bit tricky as it had to sit under the cab so had to be mounted precisely or the cab wouldn’t sit right.

With the engine out of the way, the body work was first sprayed in the colour required before I started on the assembly, this was easier because of the number of parts that make up the cab unit that could not be done when it was all together. One thing I did find was to use the colours recommended by the makers, not an equivalent, as there is a big difference in the final colour between the two.

The Volvo unit was in the end, easier to build than I had anticipated.

Then came the trailer. The biggest problem with this was its overall size. When the box was put together, it required some careful manoeuvring when I needed to get at the other side or the base.

The sub frame was straightforward to build, three axles and a spare tyre, which I then sprayed up and left while I built the box. This again was sprayed as a complete unit as it hides any join marks better, and considering the size was the better option. The door trims, hinges & handles I left off until I had applied the BIG transfers as it was easier to fit these over the transfers rather than make the transfers fit around the fittings. The transfers on the cab unit were quite straight forward I just had to score them when dry where the panels joined, to give the appearance of being two separate parts as per the original. The transfers for the trailer where a bit more of a challenge, plenty of water and damp cloths were needed to keep them pliable. I did have to trim the trailer transfers at the top and bottom, as they didn’t quite look right overlapping the trailer ridges!

Other than that a very satisfied grin at the end, another job well done!

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