Revell 07541 - Peterbilt Wrecker

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Made, photographed and reviewed by Chris Anniwell

Unfortunately, this model is no longer available, but the comments may apply to other similar models.


Having not been actively building models for nearly 10 years, I guess the Peterbilt Wrecker was a bit of a challenge, but then it was always one I liked the look of, which is the most important reason for building a model. Then I thought what the hell, if I can do this one the rest should be easy.

The kit came in a well-packed box with all the different parts for each section sealed in a separate plastic bag, thereby saving me having to sort them out in to each phase of the build. I have also found that some models are a better quality of moulding than others, you know, less trimming of burs and panels that don’t quite fit properly. Well, this one was top of the class with intricate detail on the parts, and didn’t need an angle grinder to make them fit!

The instructions were precise and accurate to the last and in a book form not sheet form, I find sheet forms are a handful when you need to go to the next step and you have to open the whole thing out and refold it, you need a degree in origami before you start! All the parts were clearly marked and easy to find and the instructions had a plan of each sheet of parts for reference, it also had proper rubber tyres not solid plastic ones that, no matter what, still look solid. I did find that if you read the instruction carefully before you begin you can save a lot of stress later on, i.e., the engine is usually sections 1 to 4 so you make this and paint it only to find section 7 has some more parts that go on the engine, and you’ve just finished lovingly painting it and its still drying, see my point!

As for the paint job, after this one I intend to get an airbrush as this was a large model and took a long time to paint properly. The colours chosen by the manufacturers were perfect for the vehicle, and the chrome parts set it all of brilliantly.

The transfers were time consuming, but well worth the patience as this was the final step. As there were a lot of transfers on the wrecker it took a couple of nights to finish it.

All in all, I think after all this time it was well worth the time and effort required to make this box of plastic into a scale replica of the original, with all the details and moving parts that are on the real vehicle, and undoubtedly the feeling of pride that I can look at it and say to myself, “I built that”.