Recommended paints for models and figures are listed where available as supplied from the manufacturer.

Paints are listed as the manufacturers suggestions and should not be taken as gospel!

Some models require more paints than listed to create a perfect reproduction.

Others include paints that possibly only a very small part may be required to be painted.

If you don't possess all of the paints listed, don't worry, improvisation through use of alternative colours, mixing etc. can often solve problems cheaply.

A good, economical investment is gloss, matt and satin poly varnish, where different effects can be accomplished.

For a cheaper alternative to airbrushing, particularly for car and truck models, try using an acrylic car spray paint, for example supplied by Halfords. DO NOT USE CELLULOSE-BASED SPRAY! Use an acrylic car spray primer first. Always test the paint on a piece of sprue or unwanted part to check it doesn't 'soften' the plastic!

We recommend the manufacturers own paints for best results.