Junkers Ju 88 A-1

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World War II German Bomber, Battle of Britain. Includes markings for two Luftwaffe aircraft.

Revell - Scale 1:72
Parts 125, L 201 mm, W 280 mm
Revell Paints (Suggested): 5,9,15,39,40,45,49,77,83,84

The Ju88 was the most versatile German fighter in World War II. With the Ju 88A-1 the series production was started in 1939. From the beginning of August 1940 on, attacks on the British mainland followed. On August 15th, English tactics changed and the Luftwaffe's successes diminished until the tide finally turned on September 15th.

Detailed cockpit
Detailed pilot seat
Pronounced instrument panel
Separate ailerons and flaps
Rotating propellers
Detailed chassis
Detailed MG
Decal markings for 2 versions of the Luftwaffe

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