Tips to help you get the most from your visit to Stitch2U

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Our Range
Our stock is all new and in unopened condition, unless otherwise stated. We don't have a physical shop, so the packs haven't been opened by inquisitive shoppers.
We may open some items to add padding to minimise movement during transit. If you dont want us to open the pack to add padding, you can let us know, but any damage during transit is then at your risk!

International Customers
You can select prices to appear in your own currency by clicking 'Pick Your Currency' in the top right of the shop screen. Rates are for guidance only based on interbank rates on the day of purchase. Actual cost may vary slightly, given credit card rates and other slight variations. Payment is always taken in £ Sterling. Customers may have to pay an import duty - Stitch2U cannot help you with this! Check your national laws on this! Non-EU orders are marked with a customs declaration sticker which identifies the value of the items in your order.

Buying from Stitch2U
Couldn't be easier!
1 - Find the item you want, select how many you want. (1 is the default).
2Click the 'Add to Basket' button -
You may be diverted to the Basket Page. This can be annoying if you want to order more than one item. You can stop this by putting a tick in the 'Show Basket when adding to Basket' box at the bottom of the page and you wont ee this page again until you are finished shopping.
The total value of your order, not including shipping cost is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
3 - When you have finished shopping or want to check the shipping cost for your order, click the [Basket] button in the top row above.
You then have the option to increase numbers or delete items from your basket (or return to the shop by clicking the [Continue Shopping] button.)
If you want to place your order, just click [Checkout]
4 - Select your 'Shipping Location' and 'Delivery Option' and then click [Secure Checkout] to be transferred to our secure server to enter payment details.
(Postage costs for international orders are charged at cost. The price shown is an estimate and may be more or less than quoted - we will confirm the actual cost once you have placed your order, when you can choose if you wish to progress the order. For full details see the [Terms and Conditions] page)
5Agree to the Terms & Conditions by selecting the button. You are strongly urged to read the terms for your own benefit.
6 - You will now be transferred to our secure ordering system to enter your payment and delivery address details and if necessary the address for delivery if different. On completion of this you will then transfer to the payment entry page to select how you want to pay for your order.

The rest should be pretty straight forward!

Once you have placed the order you will recieve an automatic confirmation email within a few minutes. If you do not receive this email, it is most likely that you entered the wrong email address! Send us an email at the address in the [Contact] page as we most likely will have received the order but can't contact you!

Searching for what you want
We've tried to organise the shop logically, but it can be difficult to find exactly what you want with such a wide range.
If you know what you're looking for, or just can't find it, why not try the quick and powerful 'Search Phrase' feature. This searches the site for your item. Whole words or part words can be used, or the reference number of the item if you know it. You just need to know how to spell part of the name!

Build up your wish list now!
How many times have you been trawling around on the web, seen something, gone away and come back the day after, and completely forgotten where it was or how you got to it!
By clicking the 'Favourites' button above each model, you can build up a 'wish list' in your Favourites department (top of the list on the left of the shop), providing cookies are enabled and come back at a later date without having to try to remember where you found it!  You just have to remember!
Placing items in the favourites department doesn't order it or send it to us, it simply  saves the items you are interested in, on your own personal list. Give it a try!

You can help us too!
We believe in customer care and after sales service. Our customers keep coming back!
If you think there should be something else in our Help section just let us know. Click the Contact button above!